If you are in advertising and do not read Bob Hoffman’s The Ad Contrarian shame on you. Yesterday’s weekly post had tons of great stuff from click farms to agency CEO’s speaking Greek to Radio versus Spotify and Pandora. (see below) Bob Hoffman has owned/ran several agencies and knows what he speaks of. He continues an ongoing dialogue about rampant ad fraud that is fascinating. I find him a cross somewhere between David Frum’s intelligence with Hunter S Thompson’s witty Scotch drinking view of the ad world! The world needs more Bob Hoffman’s. Note to my ad agency friends… none of you fall into this category, thank goodness. Radio, red hot and still working!

And Speaking Of Radio…

Previously I have published evidence of how out-of-touch advertising “professionals” — besotted with online media — are with the facts about TV viewing. Now some interesting data on radio.

Edison Research asked 300 advertising and agency professionals to estimate the relative audio listening time adults over 18 spent with Pandora and Spotify:

– The experts estimated 21% of audio time was spent with Pandora. The actual number was 4%. The experts were off by 400%

– The experts estimated 23% of audio time was spent with Spotify. The actual number was 2%. The experts were off by 900%

These are people making million dollar media decisions every day.

In fact, according to Edison, the audience for AM/FM radio is 8 times bigger than audiences for Pandora and Spotify combined.