Here is what Sales Fundamentals will do for your salespeople…

1. Increase Sales

Utilizing a hands-on proven approach to teach salespeople how to identify prospects and increase their daily prospecting. A “how-to” method for enhanced CNA’s resulting in increased revenue using a more targeted and sophisticated use of sales tools and station offerings.

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2. Improved mindset and motivation

Strengthened mindset with “how to” go deep into client relationships, minimized “one & done” time wasting, enhanced big game hunting for larger share growth potential plus a focus on daily habits and goal setting.

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3. Metrics

Salespeople are coached for 3 months post sales training with a focus on developing 8 accounts each, goal of increasing a *minimum* of 15% of an individuals sales budget.

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Footnote: CEB Research cites that salespeople who are coached monthly can grow revenue up to as much as 25%!

Doctors, lawyers, dentists all have to go to college, article and practice before opening their own office. Sales people can just wing it.”Sadly 75% of sales people have no idea what they are doing”. See Hubspot article below from April 2019. Visit Linkedin article.

Sales Fundamentals breaks down and illustrates 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of selling: 1 Rookie; 2 Adequate; 3 Advanced; 4 Superstar; Then we show and coach the salespeople the pathway and tools to move from a 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and beyond and how to stay there.

Sales Training with Follow Up Coaching

What we offer… 3 days of onsite sales training followed by 3 months of biweekly 1/1 coaching. To find out if your company needs sales training CLICK HERE »

How we help your company… we improve their PROSPECTING, PROFILING, PRESENTING, CLOSING & SERVICING skill set from level 1 to 4 then we coach them for 3 months to get traction and revenue growth for immediate results.

What you need to do to make this work, select 3 consecutive days in your calendar for your sales team to meet and leave the rest to us. Or if you are time-strapped we offer short one-day intensives.


Why use Sales Fundamentals?

Sales Fundamentals provides the right tools and a road map for sales success. A recent Linkedin Learning article on employee stress factors said “workers are likely to feel stressed when they don’t have the tools to do their job”

Sales Fundamentals will provide the tools and more importantly guide you on how to use them properly from proven strategies. This revenue generating will start the very next day from our training session and will not end because we follow up with coaching for the next 3 months.

As a sales person you become an expert with the right mindset and how to keep going forward. As a broadcast salesperson you will also have access to MJM Media providing the very best creative for both Radio & Television. Click here »

Now you will be seeing increased revenue, your clients will sound better, we even have some cool radio features for you from BangoMedia click here. So call Sales Fundamentals today to get more revenue happening now! We’ll guide you to the success you deserve.


MJM Media Creative Services Start Here

As the 3 R’s (Reach, Repetition & Relevance) are equally important perhaps the most neglected one is the last one, the creative commercial.

Sales Fundamentals teaches sales people to challenge clients for better creative and MJM can provide engaging, memorable commercials that cut through and deliver results. More timely than ever as you will see in the Airchecker article below from Jan 2019.

Who is ready to Fix Commercials?
Radio’s commercial problems continue. The ads have been horrible for a while now. But it’s becoming a crisis. And at some stations, the ads make up nearly 25% of programming time.

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Proven Sales Approaches and Strategies!

We offer group sales training and motivational sessions; hands on one-on-one or group coaching & training; assist in development of new sales strategies & approaches as well creative media services to help account executives and managers add to their tool box and provide additional customized services to their clients.

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