Here is what taking your Level 1-2 sellers and making Level 3-4 superstars consists of.

The 10 Modules of the Proven Pathway to Level 4 Selling.

  1. Your sales DNA in comparison to the 4 levels.
  2. The power of habits, mindset, and discipline to get there and stay there.
  3. 90 minutes for 90 days. (you prospect and it isn’t dialing for dollars)
  4. VBR’s that answer WIIFM. (you profile, with ideas and CNA clarity)
  5. Level 4 Presentations. (you present like a pro with longer and larger asks)
  6. Closing Time. (here’s your opportunity to Biggie size like McDonalds)
  7. Servicing a client. (Level 1-2 mistakes that Level 3-4 superstars don’t make anymore)
  8. Time for an inspection. Are you a challenger salesperson, crushing budget and living in a Level 3-4 world of success yet?
  9. Preparing for game day? The 3 P’s. Your passion, your presentation, your term paper.
  10. Graduation day!