Radio Advertising Done Right … gets results 100% of the time. It’s 2018 and I run into too many people that say they are confused, there is too much ad fraud (just google Bob Hoffman’s Ad Contrarian to see what Bad Men do) can’t trust their agencies because their AE’s are younger than their own kids, newspaper is declining and TV is in a flux and so on.

Well here is some good news. Radio is alive and delivering great results daily,  in fact people are in their cars longer than ever these days and what do think they are doing (while they are texting) listening to the radio of course. Radio is local and talks to you directly one on one. It wasn’t that long ago when we bought mattresses from department stores and low budget bedding stores in the burbs. Then Sleep Country came along and built a great brand using radio with the killer slogan “Why Buy A Mattress Anywhere Else” which is the 3’rd R of the perfect way to use radio.

Reach, Repetition & Relevance! The right stations, 30+ commercials weekly for a minimum of 13 weeks at a time with a compelling message and BAM! RESULTS! Not some of the time but 100% of the time! There is the secret sauce if you will and that my friends is why radio can get you 8 to 10 dollars or more back for every dollar invested.

Are you a small Mom & Pop retailer? Guess what, you can buy 1 or 2 small stations and get great results. If you are a larger business add a couple more stations and reach more people. A large chain? Buy more markets and get radio results, 100% of the time. No bots, no weird placements of your ads, just people hearing them in their cars and making a decision to buy your product.

It is that simple and the radio industry has tons of success stories of local advertisers growing their business year after year. Just before I left Indie 88 last month we put a great testimonial on the station’s website for Made You Look Jewelry. A stand alone store using one radio station going into it’s 5th year of a very successful partnership.

Radio be it local, regional or national can deliver great results. It just requires good salespeople properly trained, doing a good job, asking clients the right questions, listening and managing those expectations. Disruptors be dammed!  From Pattison to Eavanov, Bell to Stingray, Rogers to Corus and everyone in between making great radio one successful client at a time, I salute you!