An overview of whats covered in the one day 12 step Pathway to Sales Success that will give your salespeople the tools for proven measurable results.

  • The 4 Levels of Selling. How does your sales team measure up?
  • The Compass – the 3 M’s. Motivation, Mindset & Methodologies.
  • The key to building successful selling habits.
  • The ‘New Breed of Account Manager’ and how to be one.
  • Getting the appointment. Part one.
  • Level 4 Prospecting.
  • Body language – a ‘how to’ when prospecting and presenting.
  • Getting the appointment – Part two.
  • A Challengers DNA. Level 4 top performance. How to aim higher for better results!
  • Is your client being served?
  • How to write and present a Level four presentation.
  • Don’t forget to FLAP – finish like a pro.

2 Package Options available

Package One

1 day of sales training for entire sales team followed by 2 days of one on one training for 4 pre-selected salespeople and 3 months of follow up coaching

Day 1. Sales Fundamentals meets with the 4 selected salespeople that the GSM has selected to work with including a one on one review directly with the 4; a review of their sales experience, account activity, motivation and mindset.

Day 2. The Pathway to Sales Success second day consists of an intensive one day of training for entire sales department (rookies to seasoned pros as laid out in the 12 step module attached) includes sales best practices, new sales approaches and techniques, motivational work, videos, workbook practice with leave behind, role playing, in depth discussion and demonstrations.

Day 3. Sales Fundamentals continues with the 4 salespeople to determine an actionable plan based on new learning. Following 3 months the plan is worked in six Skype one on one coaching sessions. The goal is to work on the Level 4 prospecting as a daily habit; identifying 5 target accounts to develop and grow revenue plus a look at 3 on air accounts with a view to dig deeper and secure more revenue. The goal is for each salesperson to achieve an increased revenue target and add new prospects.

$12,500.00 +HST

Package Two

One day Intensive

One full day of training in your office boardroom as outlined in Pathway to Sales Success Day 2 with comprehensive workbooks and role playing.

$5,500.00 +HST


John’s coaching has made a significant difference in not only my sales numbers but the success of my clients marketing efforts. His program redefines the traditional fundamentals of media sales by introducing me to micro-habits and practices that have developed my skill set, productivity and the approach I take to sales – daily. The four level(s) grading system that John utilizes enables me to focus on the specific areas I needed to improve on and by getting to know the details of my specific clients, pitches and prospects. I was able to see how this approach could immediately affect and improve my business.

I would highly recommend John’s coaching to any sales person new or old in the exciting but busy world of media sales. A refreshing approach on the basic but important practices that are sometimes lost and a focus on improving clients campaigns and how we service them is something every salesperson can benefit from. A strategy for accountability to the process was effective and John truly cares about the development of his students.

T. Mason, Radio and Digital Account Manager
Moncton, New Brunswick

John is more than just an excellent sales mentor, he is also an incredibly creative tenacious person. His sales training was thoughtful and incredibly well rounded. He gave me the tools to move forward with my goals. I highly recommend John Perras’ sales training methods to anyone looking for a successful career in sales!

CJ Nutter
VP Partnership HERB/former Account Manager
Indie 88FM

Toronto, Ontario

I worked with John at the Might Q – Q107 for many years and he has always been a professional, stellar, successful salesperson. Today John is an outstanding sales orator and motivator. I’ve had the good fortune to attend some of John’s sales training and he knows what he speaks of — he’s walked the walk. My personal favourite piece of advice John shared a couple of years ago was the ‘Three R’s of Radio -Reach, Repetition and Relevance – to this day I found myself repeating that sentiment and line all the time with new advertisers. This is one of the many many take away nuggets’ that sales people will learn and remember from John!

C. Foster
Account Manager
Boom 97.3/Flow 93.5/Stingray Radio

Toronto, Ontario