John’s coaching has made a significant difference in not only my sales numbers but the success of my clients marketing efforts. His program redefines the traditional fundamentals of media sales by introducing me to micro-habits and practices that have developed my skill set, productivity and the approach I take to sales – daily. The four level(s) grading system that John utilizes enables me to focus on the specific areas I needed to improve on and by getting to know the details of my specific clients, pitches and prospects. I was able to see how this approach could immediately affect and improve my business.

I would highly recommend John’s coaching to any sales person new or old in the exciting but busy world of media sales. A refreshing approach on the basic but important practices that are sometimes lost and a focus on improving clients campaigns and how we service them is something every salesperson can benefit from. A strategy for accountability to the process was effective and John truly cares about the development of his students.